Grand Cru

Grand Cru

For the connoisseur seeking the pinnacle of luxury, the Grand Cru tier is a journey of opulence and prestige. Much like its name, this level is where exclusivity meets excellence. Only the finest wines, sourced from prestigious vineyards and renowned winemakers, make the cut. Experience the epitome of wine sophistication with selections that embody the art of fine winemaking. Each bottle in this tier promises a sublime experience, perfect for those who demand the very best.

Grand Cru members enjoy access to wines that are often reserved for the elite. These are wines that have garnered critical acclaim and come from vineyards with storied histories and impeccable reputations. Our sommelier handpicks each selection for its superior quality, complexity, and aging potential. Whether it's a rare vintage Bordeaux, a premier cru Burgundy, or a limited-edition Napa Valley Cabernet, each bottle is a testament to the pinnacle of vinicultural achievement. This tier offers not just exceptional wines but also an educational journey into the world of fine wine, with comprehensive tasting notes, vineyard histories, and insights into the winemaking techniques that produce these masterpieces.


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