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Meet our Team

Head Brewer - Billy

Meet our Head Brewer: Billy Campbell 🍻 We're so excited to welcome him to our brewery team. Can't wait to taste his amazing beer!

"I have been a retail executive for more than 20 years, living in various parts of the country. Traveling and working in different regions introduced me to numerous local craft beers. For the last 10 years, brewing has become a favorite hobby of mine. So much so, that I have joined a couple of local home-brewing clubs and become the President of the club in St Joseph, Mo.

More recently, I have worked on helping open one brewery and consulted with the planning phase for a second. I have also organized one of the largest craft beer festivals in the Midwest.

I've always thought of my brewing beers as something that will appeal to everyone and try to make beer styles that everyone will like. When possible, in brewing I try to support local producers and incorporate locally known ideas to make each beer tie into the community.

What I enjoy brewing most are gateway beers, ones that will get you hooked on a new style or something you might not have preferred before. However my "hidden bliss" in brewing is high gravity, complex beer that drinks like a treat full of flavor and surprises."