Pulling the Nail

Pulling the Nail

June 14th

At Barley & Vine, our passion for crafting unique and memorable beers is matched only by our dedication to pushing the boundaries of brewing innovation. Our barrel-aged beer program is a testament to this commitment, and we are excited to share some highlights from this intricate and rewarding process. Today, we’ll explore the magic behind two of our standout creations: the Anchor Quad and a special release beer that epitomizes our experimental spirit.

The Art of Barrel Aging

Barrel aging is a time-honored tradition that imparts complex flavors and characteristics to beer, making each sip a journey through layers of taste and aroma. The process begins with selecting the right barrels, often previously used for aging spirits like bourbon, whiskey, or wine. These barrels infuse the beer with their residual flavors, creating a rich tapestry of notes that evolve over time.

 The Anchor Quad: A Symphony of Flavors

One of the crown jewels of our barrel-aged collection is the Anchor Quad. This robust Belgian-style Quadrupel is aged in bourbon barrels, where it develops a depth of flavor that is both profound and nuanced. Notes of dark fruit, caramel, and vanilla mingle with the warm undertones of bourbon, resulting in a beer that is perfect for savoring slowly.

Every few months, we "pull the nail" from the barrel to sample the beer and assess its progress. This moment is always filled with anticipation and excitement, as it reveals how the beer is transforming. With the Anchor Quad, each tasting unveils new layers of complexity, ensuring that by the time it is ready for release, it is a symphony of harmonious flavors.

A Special Release: Innovation in Every Sip

Our barrel-aged program is not just about perfecting classics; it's also about exploring new frontiers. Our special release beer, currently aging in a Wilderness Trail Whiskey Barrel is a prime example of this. By blending these distinct influences, we aim to create a beer that defies traditional categories and offers a truly unique drinking experience.

Pulling the nail on this special release is always an adventure. The interplay between the spicy, robust character of the whiskey barrels to create a dynamic profile that evolves with each sample. These beers represent our commitment to innovation and our willingness to experiment to bring you something extraordinary.

Join Us on This Journey

At Barley & Vine, we believe that every barrel-aged beer tells a story. From the careful selection of barrels to the months of patient aging and the excitement of pulling the nail, each step is a chapter in the narrative of our brewing passion. We invite you to join us in this journey, savoring the results of our dedication and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re enjoying the rich, layered experience of the Anchor Quad or the adventurous flavors of our other special release, we hope our barrel-aged beers bring you as much joy as they bring us. The BA Anchor Quad will be an anniversary release and the other yet to be named will arrive as soon as it is completed. Cheers to exploring the endless possibilities of beer, one barrel at a time!

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