Wines by the Glass


Charme Crémant De Bourgogne Extra Brut Blanc de Blanc

Green apple and citrus with a clean finish



Alexa Prosecco Extra Dry Italy

Juicy Pear, creamy bubbles, and a balanced finish



2022 Francesco Scanavino Moscato D’Asti, Italy

Juicy peach, apricot with a sweet and effervescent finish




2023 Protea Chenin Blanc South Africa

Juicy peach and apricot balanced with fresh acidity and a touch of salt on the finish. 



2022 Foris Dry Riesling Rogue Valley, Oregon

Delicious apple, tangy lemon, and a soft finish



2022 No Es Pitiko Viognier Chile

Stone fruits, zippy acidity, and a balanced finish



2021 Napa by N.A.P.A Chardonnay Napa, CA

Crisp citrus and tropical fruits with a round finish



Leonard Kreusch Riesling Mosel, Germany

Green apple, fruity pear and touch of citrus grapefruit




2021 Pas de Problem Pinot Noir Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Fresh cherries, zippy acidity, and a touch of tannin on the finish

$8.75 *NT


2020 Richard Hamilton GSM Blend McLaren Vale, Australia

Dark Fruits, touch of spice, silky tannin



2021 Two Mountain Merlot Yakima Valley, WA

Black cherry and blackberry,  hint of coffee, round finish



2021 State Street Syrah Central Coast, CA

Plum, lilac, and pepper meet zippy acidity and a grippy finish



2020 Altos Malbec Classico Mendoza, Argentina

Red fruits and plum, soft acidity, long finish



2022 Land of Saints Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Barbera, CA

Dark berries, oak, and a touch of pepper for round finish



2020 Cascina Roberto Brachetto Piemonte, Italy

Candied cranberries and sugared plums will have you dreaming of Christmas dinner with this delightfully sweet beverage



*N= Natural: Wines with no intervention or additives

*O=Organic: Made with organic grapes

*BD= Biodynamic: Holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming



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There is a $10.00 corkage fee for the first 3 bottles opened in house.




Vivian’s Irish Ale

The malt sweetness is balanced by the hops’ bitterness, with additional layers of complexity from the hop’s herbal and citrus notes. Medium body with a creamy head and smooth clean finish. ABV 5.8%

4oz $3.50 / 16oz $7.50 / 32oz Fill $12 / 64oz Fill $18


               Nocturnal Dreams

Crisp medium body Cream Ale with bright lemony notes, while crystallized lemon, lemondrop Hops, & dried lemon peel intensify the zesty flavor profile, & the creamy vanilla powder adds a touch of indulgence, balancing the citrus with a smooth finish. Brewed in Collaboration with Nocturnal Ales from the Missouri Masher Homebrew Club. ABV 6.8%     

                         4oz $3.50/ 16oz $7.50 /32oz fill $14 / 64oz fill $20


Landmark Lager

A true lager  brewed with rice, barley, and traditional German Tettanger hops. This version has been lagered for 6 weeks. It starts and finishes clean and crisp with a hint of straw and lemon. ABV 6%

4oz $3.50 / 16oz $7 / 32oz Fill $12 / 64oz Fill $18


Phantom IPA

An American IPA packed with Citra Hops during the mash, boil, whirlpool, and dry hopped. This IPA will sneak up on you if you are not looking out for it. With a malty profile and intensive hop schedule this IPA masks the bitterness and ABV nicely in a well rounded craft brew. ABV 6.5% IBU 55

4oz $3.50/ 16oz $7.50 /32oz fill $12 / 64oz fill $18


Bloke’s Bitter

This Ordinary Bitter for an ordinary bloke: An American version of a traditional session British beer. Malty sweetness with a touch of bitterness from various additions of cluster hops. As a session beer, Bloke’s Bitter can be enjoyed over and over again. ABV 4.3% 

4oz $3.50 / 16oz $7 /32oz fill $12 / 64oz fill $18


*Growler Fills are available with supplied growlers only in 32oz and 64oz sizes.


Blood Moon Gose

Slightly tart with a punch of Blood orange with pink himalayan salt and a touch of coriander to finish out our take on a Gose. Enjoyable for its refreshing qualities and the interplay of sour, salty, and spicy notes.  

ABV 4.7%

4oz $3.50 / 16oz $7 / 32oz Fill $12 / 64oz Fill $18


Barley’s Angel Italian Pale Ale

Pink peppercorn spice pairs well with the floral sweetness of hibiscus, while HBC 638, El Dorado, Ahtanum, and Idaho 7 hops infuse tropical fruitiness, citrus zest, and earthy undertones and finish with a hint of fruity esters and a balanced bitterness. A portion of every pint will be donated to the Pink Boots Society. Find out more at ABV 6%

4oz $3.50/ 16oz $7.50 /32oz fill $14 / 64oz fill $20


Dark Vine Stout

Boasting a rich, black hue, with a light and inviting body, this brew harmonizes exquisitely with subtle notes of chocolate, malt, and a delicate roasty finish. Elevating the experience, the infusion of traditional UK hops imparts a delightful bitterness, culminating in a velvety smooth finish. ABV 5.8%

4oz $3.50 / 16oz $7 / 32oz Fill $12 / 64oz Fill $18


*Growler Fills are available with supplied growlers only in 32oz and 64oz sizes.



2009 Murray Mcdavid Half and Half Blended Scotch whiskey

This half and half is a blend of 50% single malt from Speyside Distilleries and 50% Lowland single grain whisky. For its final year of maturation, it was finished in hogsheads previously used to mature a hoppy beer from the folks at MOOR Beer Co. in Bristol. Nose: Lightly floral, citrus hop, and oat biscuit. Palate: Vanilla, sherbet lemon, anise, honey, pine nuts, and bittersweet. 2oz $12.50/On Flight $6.25 / Bottle $75


Buffalo Chip American Whiskey

This triple mash bill brings you notes of caramel. It is sweet while still allowing the bold spice of rye to shine through on the front of your palate. Towards the finish, you will find mellow oaky and vanilla notes from the perfectly aged bourbon. 2oz $8/On Flight $4 / Bottle $45.75


Truman Golden Valley Whiskey

Brewed and distilled in Clinton, MO. This special release, 11-year-old bourbon, boasts mellow caramel notes and a smooth smokiness. 2oz $8/On Flight $4 / Bottle $31.50


Rye3 Cigar Series Rye Whiskey Allocated

Crafted for whiskey lovers and cigar aficionados. RY3 Whiskey Cigar Series is a timeless blend. A stunning fusion of Rum Cask, Madeira Cask, and Naranja Cask finished whiskeys, finished further with French Oak staves.

2oz $25/On Flight $12.50


RY3 Whiskey Cask Strength Cognac Finish

Layered with notes of dried fruit and dark chocolate. The Cognac influence is discernable, lending nuances of grape, oak, and a hint of vanilla. Bold spice profile that is immediately softened by the creamy richness imparted by the Cognac casks. Flavors of plum, apricot, and honey emerge, mingling with traditional rye notes of cinnamon and clove.  2oz $14.50/ On Flight $7.25/Bottle $84


West bottom Kansas City Whiskey 

West Bottoms Kansas City Whiskey is a 50/50 blend of Rye and Bourbon whiskeys, finished with just a touch of 15yo Oloroso Sherry. The heavier rye content gives it a more “whiskey-forward” flavor, and the Sherry gives it a smooth finish.  2oz $8/ On Flight $4 / Bottle $42.75


Ry3 Whiskey Finished in a Naranja Wine Cask 

Citrus, Tobacco and Honey on the Nose gives way to Charred Orange Peel, Hot Honey, and Spiced Cake on the palate. The Finish is Peppery, Warm, Lingering and Viscous.

2oz $14.50/ On Flight $7.25/ Bottle $84


Same Old Moses Straight Bourbon 

Clean aromas of Corn, rye and wheat give away the mash bill, Additional aromas of dried fruit, orange peel, tobacco, caramel, clove, nutmeg, are rounded out with rich leather and smoke. Light sweetness with a full oaky body. 2oz $9/ On Flight $4.50 


Same Old Moses Straight Rye Whiskey

balanced Rye Whiskey, aged 3 years, then finished in ex-American Oak Bourbon barrels, creating notes of roasted chestnut, green apple, dried orange peel, toffee & vanilla.

2oz $8/ On Flight $4 


Same Old Moses Straight Rye Whiskey Sauterness Barrel 

Palate: caramel apple, cinnamon, honey, and fresh cut hay. Nose: white chocolate covered macadamia nuts meet meyer lemon. Barrel Finish: American oak aged 3 years, with an additional 6 months in Sauternes Casks. 

2oz $9.50/ On Flight $4.75


Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon

This bourbon presents a very straightforward, light, and pleasant nose. New oak, corn, grain, and raisins were all present, but very subtle. The palate is sweet with a good mouthfeel. Sweet corn, honey, and vanilla are immediately noticeable when you take a sip.  2oz $9.50 / On Flight $4.75


Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky

Distilled and aged in India – Notes of barley, fruit, citrus, spices, a creamy sweetness and a hint of peat. Palate is oaky, rich, with gentle peat, coffee and dark chocolate notes. Long, spicy sweet finish with a touch of citrus. 

2oz $14.50  / On Flight $ 7.25


Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky 

Nose: Hay, malty graham, bananas, apricots, apples, toffee,  bits of cocoa, melon and fresh pastries. Palate: Slightly slick with notes of lemon, cumin, honey, allspice, apricot, rum, apples, and malt on the finish. Barrel Finish: Aged in new American oak and ex-bourbon. 2oz $11.50/ On Flight $5.75


Jon Pardi Batch 112 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: sweet and floral Full-bodied aroma. Palate: smooth with a slightly sweet taste. Barrel Finish: New Oak Charred Barrel 7 years. 2oz $13/ On Flight $6.50/ Bottle $75


Dry Fly Port Barrel Finish 

Nose: Brings a faint scent of sweet, slightly citrusy vanilla with a touch of oak. Palate: A base of wheat and vanilla, resembles a sweet syrupy wine very much like a sweet sherry or port, with rich notes of grape and plum. Barrel Finish: 3 years in American oak barrel and then 6-12months in a huckleberry infused port barrel.

2oz $8/ On Flight $4 


Smokin Blended Scotch Whisky

Palate: A full bodied experience Smoky with fresh cream, vanilla, butter biscuits and toffee. Hints of tobacco, leather, sticky barbecue sauce, sweet peat smoke and pepper. Nose:  Initial punch of peat smoke, citrus spice, zesty lemon peel, caramelized sugar, toasted oak and clotted cream. Barrel Finish: Fresh Bourbon cask.

2oz $8/ On Flight $4 


Wine Flights

Down South

Four themed 2oz pours coming to us from the DEEP south: The Southern Hemisphere

2023 Protea Chenin Blanc South Africa

2022 No Es Pitiko Viognier Chile

2020 Richard Hamilton GSM Blend McLaren Vale, Australia

2020 Altos Malbec Classico Mendoza, Argentina



West Coast Wines

Themed flight of four 2 oz pours of wine that showcase some great examples of our American West Coast

2022 Foris Dry Riesling Rogue Valley, Oregon

2021 Two Mountain Merlot Yakima Valley, WA

2021 State Street Syrah Central Coast, CA

2022 Land of Saints Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Barbera, CA



Sweet Flight

Themed flight of four 2 oz pours for those looking for a sugary treat

Let us help you satisfy that sweet tooth

Alexa Prosecco Extra Dry Italy

Leonard Kreusch Riesling Mosel, Germany

2022 Francesco Scanavino Moscato D’Asti, Italy

2022 Brachetto d’Acqui Italy



Beer Flights

Choose your own adventure

3 oz pours of any 4 of our 8 beers on tap



Whiskey Flights

Choose your Whiskey adventure

1 oz pours of any 4 of our Whiskey Selections

Price varies depending on selection

Cider and Non-Alcoholic Options


Honorie Normandy Cidre 

All the orchards are in the heart of the Pays d’Auge in Normandy, which allows constant monitoring of fruit all year round. Our cider is made according to the rules of the art of “pure juice”. 

ABV 4.3%

750ml / 25oz  $18.50


Tag + Jug Cider Cold Coldie

This completely dry, fresh and zippy hard cider. Ferment and age on the lees for five months before being canned unfined and unfiltered. 

ABV 7.1%

12oz $6.50


Tag + Jug Cider Rose du Cidre

Rosé du Cidre features our estate rosè. The cider is aged for eight months, half in stainless steel and half in Old French Barrels. RDC features beautiful flavors of wild strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, wrapped in a completely dry and zippy finish.

ABV 8.2%

12oz $6.50


N.A Gruvi Pale Ale 

Chinook, Cascade and Citra hops to create slight citrus and piney qualities that, when properly fermented, result in the most authentic taste, body and mouthfeel. 

Single $3.50 / Togo 6pack $12.00


N.A. Gruvi Golden Lager

A crushable beer that’s light, crisp, and perfectly balanced. With a hint of honey, a touch of bitterness and it’s gluten-reduced.

Single $3.50 / Togo 6pack $12.00


N.A. Gruvi Juicy IPA

hazy color, mouthfeel, and packed with flavors of pineapple, which is nicely balanced with notes of citrus and a hint of fig.

Single $3.50 / Togo 6pack $12.00


N.A. Gruvi Juicy IPA

smooth yet full-bodied ale with notes of coffee and chocolate.  Be sure to give it a shake before pouring aggressively into a glass.

Single $3.50 / Togo 6pack $12.00


Bee Creek Selections


Charcuterie Boxes

Charcuterie Boxes: Charcuterie Boxes come in two sizes, small or large. Boxes are filled with a

variety of meats, cheeses, nuts, berries, olives, and crackers. The current spread includes a

rotation of dried salamis, prosciutto, three kinds of cheese, nuts, dried fruit, olives, crackers, and



Hummus Boxes

Hummus boxes include a ramekin of hummus with carrots and pita bread to