Our Beer Lists

Year Around Beers

This is the beer for you! These staples will be available on a daily basis.  There may be some slight varations, but these 3 beers will be a main stay at Barley & Vine as our Flagship Brews.

Rotating Beers

New Beers from time to time.  These rotating classic and experimental beers may be a one and done selection. From partnerships, to scale-up, to new ideas and styles. Small batched and ready to drink. 

Current Beer Offerings

Vivian’s Irish Ale

The malt sweetness is balanced by the hops’ bitterness, with additional layers of complexity from the hop’s herbal and citrus notes. Medium body with a creamy head and smooth clean finish. ABV 5.8%

Charlie’s Spiced Brown Ale

Lovingly named in honor of our favorite Charlie, this traditional brown ale is spiced up for the Fall season. Brewed with a malty backbone and finished with cinnamon and clove.  ABV 5.2%

Landmark Lager

A true lager  brewed with rice, barley, and traditional German Tettanger hops. This version has been lagered for 6 weeks. It starts and finishes clean and crisp with a hint of straw and lemon. ABV 6%

Hankster’s Hazy IPA

This Hazy IPA, named after our owner’s “hoppy” boxer, was brewed and dry hopped with Trident, Solero, and Exp9326 hops.  This IPA provides a hop forward punch to the nose with notes of fruit, citrus, passion fruit, and tropical flavors. The finish is hoppy with bitterness and subtle herbal notes. IBU 65 ABV 6.5%

Bloke’s Bitter

This Ordinary Bitter for an ordinary bloke: An American version of a traditional session British beer. Malty sweetness with a touch of bitterness from various additions of cluster hops. As a session beer, Bloke’s Bitter can be enjoyed over and over again. ABV 4.3% 

Blood Moon Gose

Slightly tart with a punch of Blood orange with pink himalayan salt and a touch of coriander to finish out our take on a Gose. Enjoyable for its refreshing qualities and the interplay of sour, salty, and spicy notes.  ABV 4.7%

Anchor Quad

Raisin, sweet, spice and everything nice from the malty Belgian quad. Pro-tip let it warm just a bit to bring out the rest of this beer. **10oz pour only** ABV 12.2% 

Dark Vine Stout

Boasting a rich, black hue, with a light and inviting body, this brew harmonizes exquisitely with subtle notes of chocolate, malt, and a delicate roasty finish. Elevating the experience, the infusion of traditional UK hops imparts a delightful bitterness, culminating in a velvety smooth finish. ABV 5.8%



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